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A Twin's Accidental Sex Change
A Week at Bizarre Manor
Bizarre Bazaar III
Bizarre Catalogue, Volume 2
Bizarre fotos, Volume 3
Bondage Cinema, Volume 1, Numéro 3
Bondage Fantasies, Numéro 22
Bondage Life, Numéro 29
Bondage Life, Numéro 37
Bondage Life, Numéro 58
Bondage Life, Numéro 65

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Bondage, spanking, etc...

In the fetishistic worlds we are here in one of most pleasant and most creative.

If as usual some intellectuals tried to adapt it and to codify it, this had only little influence on this world phenomenon which touches many adherents. We are actually far from the S.M. and the domination of the new "beaufs" of the echangism and media, but in a rich artistic world, which goes from the experienced artists to most populars.

No murder, nor blood: only delirious paper, often close to a certain "marquis" who made victims only in the books!!

Welcome in this pleasant hell...

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