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Pinup and Glamour FRANCE (and French-speaking countries)

ABC n°2
Amours et Séduction n°2
Audacieuses n°2
ChiChi recueil n°2-5, 1951
Cupido, n°5, belgique
Cupido, n°6, belgique
Cupido, n°7, belgique
Désirs n°1 - 1953

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Small size magazines

The small sizes pinup

Their sizes were very practical for the curious ones which were to hide of a particularly idiotic censure at this period. Only their cover is an object to be put in decoration, as for their contents it often offers good surprises as well for the texts as for certain beginner girls who will make career later.

Not bad taste:  100% charm often illustrated by beginner graphic designers with talent. It is increasingly difficult to find them in good condition, the  "heavy nutcase" porn having had the preference on the racks of many secondhand booksellers at the time.

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