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Old danish magazines :

Carnaby Kinks

Title alone or cover with number :

Carnaby Kinks
début années 70' (non daté)
Color Climax Corporation (non indiqué)
Tout couleur 36 pages (avec la couverture papier dessinée)

 Un joli jeune couple, elle brune et lui blond :  en Angleterre.
Pilosités naturelles.

Très rare en état mint : 85 € sans la couverture
105 € avec la couverture

It is a prestigious magazine Color Climax, published from the beginning with a comprehensive history, also sought that the first numbers Color Climax Corporation: A Must neglected by the majority of merchants who did not like (or dislike ) popular !

One of many that we can’t know the number if you do not have the color cover . They are very hard to find in perfect condition accompanied by this "naive protection" full of information for many demanding collectors


Journals are classified by publishers and are in condition L or T (like Mint).
Always check accurate condition by e-mail before ordering.

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