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More recent danish magazines :
New Climax n5 New Climax n5   Prestige n2 Prestige n2
Rodox n40 Rodox n40   Rodox n45 Rodox n45
Rodox n50 Rodox n50   Rodox n52 Rodox n52

Old danish magazines :
Exciting n24 Exciting n24   Exciting n25 Exciting n25
Lesbian Love n12 Lesbian Love n12   Sensation n1 Sensation n1
Sensation n2 Sensation n2   Sensation n4 Sensation n4

More recent magazines :
Silwa publishing ( FRG )
Schul-mdchen n23 Schul-mdchen n23   Schul-mdchen n24 Schul-mdchen n24
Schul-mdchen n25 Schul-mdchen n25   Schul-mdchen n26 Schul-mdchen n26
Schul-mdchen n27 Schul-mdchen n27   Schul-mdchen n29 Schul-mdchen n29

More recent magazines :
Pleasure publishing ( FRG )
Girls n26 Girls n26   Girls n27 Girls n27
Girls n29 Girls n29   Girls n30 Girls n30

More recent magazines :
Seventeen publishing (NL)
Seventeen's teenager n20 Seventeen's teenager n20   Seventeen's teenager n24 Seventeen's teenager n24

More recent magazines :
Editions MGM (Sara Young) RFA
The Young One n16 The Young One n16   The Young One n29 The Young One n29

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