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Gros arrivage Revues rares  sur demande seulement.

There are among those who regularly visit my site a lot of curious and former loyal customers, and that's nice.

On the other hand a herd of "raque-dalle" come to see my prices to try to resell or to see, in case, if we couldn't find cheaper elsewhere,
no matter what the condition: it doesn't matter the bottle, right?

A mediocre one always leaves a trace... it's easy to find it and to close my door for life,

I have enough passionate and warm customers !

These loyal ones have search lists
and receive those of my new purchases, business loyalty is important.

I continue to put online for those who discover a very small part of my stocks or purchases, especially when they fill out the registration form and read the home page, thank you in advance to all of you!

Journals are classified by publishers and are in condition L or T (like Mint).
Always check accurate condition by e-mail before ordering.

Use the search function at the top right and the different explanations of the manual with the shortcuts below.

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