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To order items posted just register on our contact page. By return (to the extent of our availability) you will receive confirmation, description, price and other port information
Note: Requests for scans inside of the back cover and other similar applications or frivolous will not be taken into account.

For shipping we offer with or without insurance or tracking. If there is loss or theft for a single shipment, we disclaim any liability. The sender indicated on your package will in no case be identified as a merchant of eroticism so as not to attract attention.

The payment methods accepted are: Paypal : as required by the rules of our website,
checks, international money orders, postal money different and bank transfers.

 Shipments are made only after receipt of payment (the packages are free, with no participation fee).

To order summary.
Fill in the contact page
Give the title and the number.
If you have a requirement to share state. Example: only very good condition or whatever the state.
Join your want-list if you have one.
Wait for the response to the presence of the magazine, its price and the amount payable (that is to say: command + port + payment accepted)

The scan shown is the most beautiful state stock, no editing or other Adobe. If we have several available numbers it is the same scan that enthroned. Before making your purchase, thank you wait for our reply to your registration at your request, if the other numbers are in different state, you will be notified and we will correct the price if necessary.
Remember that you have a search box at the top left on the page, it is under the innovations where you can see the latest items posted.

Terms and Notes

How to buy online?
All magazines presented in the "online sales" are available, but some are available only one copy and it is common that many clients wish to purchase the same at the same time.
You must therefore ensure the availability of it, will be set aside for the first to come forward and other applicants will be notified of the pending sale.
As it has not been closed, the magazine (or other paper) remain visible on the site with the words “being purchased”, in case this copy has no multiple if there is more we let the visual as it is.

So remember to book. We do scan them once the first cover and it is possible that the copy or copies are available in a different state, we will notify you immediately by referring to our state grid, if the price is different from state we move to a luxury state average. Those who want the luxury status can cancel their orders.

The state code
(Based on Castéra Code)

L: Luxury without blemish, that looks new. Mint.
T: Very good condition, the "cream of the crop" from the following category
B: Good condition, an attractive appearance and flawless important.
A: Acceptable, the minimum condition normally requires a collector
can accept. It is usually flawless but volumes
the overall appearance is poor or good-looking copies
but with a minor flaw.
D: Poor, with serious defects.
M: Poor condition (called "state average" by others).

For category A, D or M, may be mentioned the main problem:
Tear of mild or slight lack.
f Faded, yellowed.
t Spotted.
s Repair scotch.
r Binding or damaged back.

Approximate percentage
L + 10 to 20%
T 100%
B - 10 to 20%
A - 20 to 30%
% D - 30-40
M - 50 to 70%

Any item sold will be reported as such. Online sales represent only a small part of our inventory, if you have a list of research (want-list) we are working on all of our reservations satisfy you.

Magazines offered in the recent Danish section.
These are all pornographic magazines, sometimes the first cover is soft and fourth very explicit! This dual presentation given the choice to choose between sweet and aggressive as the face presented to the public. Unnecessary to ask scans hard side, you would an email to nothing. I give many details but I can voluntarily omit a few:
- The exact format if we are in journals of similar size
-List stars of X that are inside.
For some journals prior to 1980 I can possibly improve upon request and some descriptions (a summary of interior scenes, for example) but only if you are already a customer ...

Why our photos are censored?
There are still many extremist groups who seek the titles erotic and pornographic.
To summarize: they spend their time looking at porn on the web because they are against. Our site is protected by ICRA the problem does not arise, parents should take the necessary .
Another reason:there are thieves images for suspicious resales.
Apart from this censorship our scans are not retouched with Photoshop or other. For the sake of information,we always present the magazines in the best condition. When you order we make a detailed description of the state of the magazines available.

Prices may vary, the same number of Color Climax may decrease or increase, depending purchases. If we go back a large collection and we already have a number of titles already in stock, for reasons of storage we can make a call price. By cons, if new collectors seeking the same specific number of a journal, we can acquire it at a higher price and pass on the increase.
Our prices do not act together, but give a good idea of the market.

We are at your disposal for any further information.

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