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Black Power
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Old danish magazines :

Black Power

Black Power
Début années 70' (non daté)
Color Climax Corporation (non indiqué)
Tout couleur 32 pages.
Blonde+brune+un homme black.
Pilosités naturelles.

As explained in several headings on my site, the price of the very first issues of various countries of this period will be accessible only to those who propose research lists and mancolists to me and who are already customers (for a single issue go your way, thank you).

Be patient, at my place the price varies according to the quantity and especially the good condition, I have always sold only very well preserved books as do the really professional magazine dealers:
resellers and other small players are not desired.

I will also propose black and white issues, coming from the same producers or from "this movement" which are even rarer earlier magazines.
Thanks to the curious for their understanding...
Those who are looking for price indications to buy or resell are not desired.
For 40 years I have had a large stock that I cannot put entirely online due to my rotation.

I receive by appointment my serious customers of course.

Journals are classified by publishers and are in condition L or T (like Mint).
Always check accurate condition by e-mail before ordering.

Use the search function at the top right and the different explanations of the manual with the shortcuts below.

To order you can access different items with a single click on the underlined words: Mode of employment, shipping, payment method accepted, state code and Danish magazines.

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