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Our first section "online sales" has just opened !!
The instructions for use are here

To find a specific editor or title, use the Search window at the top right of this page,
You can write there: Color Climax, Silwa, Private, Various editors or others,

you will have an exceptional overview !!

This first part concerns the famous Danish popular magazines that censorship so loved (humor !!) Color Climax and others.
From the most recent to the oldest, of course and in a progressive way.
Thank you for giving me time to put everything online, my stocks are important and I always favor the lists of research and especially the mancolists.
In some time I will feed the online sale for the category pin-up and eroticism. Will come, obviously, a third wave with a typical commodity varied rarely and in perfect condition, but concerning all the themes.

The only problem is that sometimes I need to sleep and especially to feed myself in a convivial way !!

Specialized bookshop entirely devoted to Pin-up, Eroticism, Glamor and Fashion,
we only sell old books on these themes.

Since the 30th of October 2007, the little Saint James left Bordeaux where he had trained for more than 15 years with the excellent Librairie Populaire Castéra (creator of the first reference book on popular literature, policeman, comic book, science fiction, adventure) the Complexe Saint-Nicolas, the most important in Europe in popular editions.

The bookstore offers several tens of thousands of books and works by correspondence with more than 20 countries. Our rigorous description of the state and the care given to expeditions are two of our many assets.
This site is primarily a business card to give you an overview of our store.

For any other information (price, availability, etc ...), we ask you to go through the Contact page.

There are also our catalogs that are more documentation than live sales.
"From the age of the caves to the present day, from Pierre Louys to Color Climax or from Paris-Hollywood to PlayBoy", they define precisely the prices, conditions, content and history of the works proposed. Copiously illustrated, these are now used as reference, and some exhausted are even listed on the net!
All the pieces presented on this site are from the Petit Saint James.
Some have been sold and appear here for the pleasure of the eyes. Do not forget that we present here only a small part of our store (we have more than 200 000 references in stock).

Our clientele is made up of collectors. The fact that prices are not indicated is a will on our part, just register and submit a consistent search list (or the list of books you already own) all this is completely free.
With the passage of time, we are dealing less and less with "vague" research or with only one work. It took too long for us too often to have no follow-up, no kind response.
So if you do not have a search list, do not be surprised at our silence, if we are there because of the unscrupulous internet users and merchants in the room or without talent wishing to know the ratings.
Prices vary according to the state, the content, the rarity, the importance of the order, it would be unreasonable to give them.

We have never had a reflection on our prices, the status of reviews, availability and our responsiveness since the site is open .. Let it be said!

The address of Rue Gambetta is only those of the offices of the little Saint James (couriers, accounting and contact)
All the works proposed on this site (and more !!) are visible in a show room elsewhere, only for customers who have obtained an appointment

 La Desperada bookshop

Is a bookseller's shop, a bookshop of varia open from 14 to 19h (policeman, comic books, fanzines, books for children, art books, exhausted or old etc.) or we receive customers from the region and from the " hexagon while we work on the site Ebay, pseudo: librairie_la_desperada

The popular culture mixes with humor and free thought, very regularly in our news section. You will find mood swings and especially useful information.
Friends of the popular, good visit !!

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